Leisure & Activities

Koyao, The Island

While the peace and tranquility of our guests is our priority, many prefer to relax, read or write, we also offer a number of unobtrusive activities at the KOYAO Island Resort.

Swimming Pool

Our infinity pool offers spectacular views over the Andaman Sea and the scenic Pakoh Islands.


We provide mountain bikes, kayaks and snorkeling equipment, free of charge, to all our guests at Koh Yao Island Resort.


Yoga deeply relaxes the body, mind and soul. The stretching and breathing induce a sense of balance and calm. We offer free yoga classes twice per week and private classes may be booked through the spa.

Mountain Biking

Koh Yao Noi offers mountain biking opportunities for adventurous travellers as well as experienced cyclists. No real mountain biking experience is required, and you can choose from a variety of itineraries that range from very mild to rather wild, or a more laid-back, relaxed mountain biking trip that involves a mixture of back-road and off-road sections.


We provide muscle-powered sea kayaks. Sea kayaking is an excellent natural approach to visit the uninhabited Islands and the largely untouched bays nearby our Resort. Hidden in the Islands are numerous caves, tunnels and lagoons, better known as ‘hongs’ (Thai for room). There is a good chance to see wildlife by this silent approach. We recommend that you bring drinking water, sun cream, sun glasses, a hat and a light, long sleeved shirt.

Batik Painting

From the humble beginning of serving as wonderful apparel, Batik, has found its way to the wall of many homes and offices and recent years. Its popularity has gain momentum for each individual. The art of Batik centres the mind and liberates the heart though creativity. Explore the simple and exciting process of Batik painting. It will enable you to create a rewarding piece of art to bring home as a souvernir from Thailand. We offer classes by our talented ladies to create contemporary designs or your own masterpiece.

Canoes on the beach


Our book exchange library houses a wide selection of books ranging from novels and travel guides to coffee table books about Southeast Asia.

Other services

Laundry, nanny-service, taxi services, motorbike rental, foreign exchange, airline reservations and confirmations, faxes, email, and personal tour guides are available. Wireless broadband connections and a computer is also available in all our Public Areas (the Bar and Reception).

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