Yoga and Meditation Courses

We offer yoga lessons for beginners here at our resort with Khun Nok. If you are more serious about Yoga, however, then we recommend Island Yoga, located just 10 minutes away from us by bicycle (1.8 km north of Koyao Island Resort). This small retreat offers a solitary and peaceful atmosphere to practice both Yoga and Meditation courses.

Founded by David Sharpe as a spiritual retreat from the busy, chaotic, and materialistic world, Island Yoga is run by 5 teachers, including David himself. Each teacher specializes in different types of Yoga and offer visitors a wide variety of courses and therapies to participate in.

Petra Heveroch

Basic yoga classes take place twice a day — one in the morning and one in the evening — or if you are looking for something more specific there are specialized therapies and treatments that you can book with one of the instructors.

Yoga Programs:

  • 3 day or 5 day Packages : Beginner, Medium, Advanced
    • individually tailored to your needs
  • Daily drop-in class at 10 am (High Season)
  • Twice daily classes which include asana yoga, pranayama, mantra, and sacred chants.
  • Private Yoga session available to book
  • Specialized instructors with special treatment sessions.
  • Other relaxing activities.

Guided meditations:

  • Daily 90 minutes sessions

Sunrise Tai Chi meditations (High Season - during mid-November to April).

For more information or to book sessions contact us directly.