Tented Villas

Koyao Island Resort’s new venture are high-end luxury safari-style tented villa on two stunning locations on the island:

  • Hornbills Panorama Hillside
  • South Beach

The Nine Hornbills Panorama Hillside, a few minutes by foot or our tuk tuk service away from Koyao Island Resort, overlooks the stunning Bay of Phang Nga with its famous limestone islands.

South Beach, the island’s secluded and private beach on the south tip of the island, is a 20-minute drive away from the resort.

You will be able to enjoy the best of both:

  • privacy and service in a beautiful natural surrounding
  • whilst also being able to utilize all of the resort facilities of Koyao Island Resort.

Koyao Tented Villas

Private Tented Villa

South Beach

A high end luxury safari tented lodge, on its own isolated, 7 acre site, with a 200 meter private beach. This Lodge has hosts on call 24/7.



Enjoy wonderful panoramic ocean views from this luxury safari style tents, with a private pool and terrace lounging and alfresco dining.