Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an individual sport that enhance core strength, balance, endurance and self-reliance. Combine the natural beauty of our island with cultural charm and plenty of trails, road and off-road for beginners, or for the more ambiguous bikers with single tracks and free rides.

The trips include a quality mountain bike, lunch, snacks, and water. You should bring your own helmet, glasses, riding shorts, gloves and suitable shoes. Our trips do not include insurances.

Tour 1: Island circumnavigation
Difficulty: Easiest, white circle
We will observe fishing villages, local shops, markets, gardens, rice fields and rubber plantations. Visiting Thakhao Bay Beach, Ban Nam Jued, Koh Yao town and Pasai beach with a total of 25km on roads.

Tour 2: Lom Lae and Jungle trek
Difficulty: More difficult, blue square
On road, passing by Pasai beach directing to Lom Lae, then on single trek crossing to Lamsai with spectacular views of Koh Nok Island.

Refreshments at a local restaurant and continue on road in the direction of the Manoh Pier. Explore the forest and mangroves, to the outmost western tip of the island on a single trek.

Tour 3: Northern Koh Yao
Difficulty: Very difficult, black diamond
Challenging trail through the northern part of the island with single treks and hardcore free rides. Visit the holy well and the west and the coral nature conservation on the east coast of Koh Yao.