About Us

Koyao Island Resort is in operation since 2001 and owned by two Swiss hospitality professionals who spent many years in the region and fell in love with the beauty of Koh Yao Noi.

Currently plans are underway to spread the successful concept to other establishments in Asia. The projects are managed by Germing Frey Hotels & Resorts and Koyao Properties.

Although we are independent and privately owned we are also aware that we are part of a bigger picture. We are highly motivated to preserve the unique nature around us as well as the original and untroubled social climate in the neighbouring communities.

Indeed, taking an active part in the daily lives of our local community is a vital connection to the roots of the sincerity and grace of the Thai people. By recruiting local staff and using locally grown building materials and produce we strive to make a positive and respectful impact on our surroundings.

We are also the proud sponsors of the Koyao Children’s Community Center which enables local children and youth to gain valuable vocational- and language training.

Germing Frey Hotels & Resorts

Koyao Island Resort is a Germing Frey resort.